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Slitherlink example
Slitherlink logic puzzles

Also known as: Fences, Loop the loop, Takegaki

Slitherlink is a wonderfully pure logic puzzle which doesn't require you to learn any complex rules, yet can require some surprisingly rewarding thought to complete. The aim of the puzzle is simply to draw a single loop on the puzzle grid, such that the loop doesn't touch or cross itself at any point. Wherever a number appears in the grid, the loop must pass by that many sides of the square with the number in.

As an example, if a square in the grid has a '3' in it then that square must have 3 shaded sides, and all those shaded sides must form part of the single loop. If a square has a '0' in it then there must be no parts of the loop neighbouring the square. Not all squares have numbers in - how many times the loop neighbours these squares is left for you to deduce as you solve the puzzle. It's not necessary to use all of the grid dots in the solution.

There is only ever one possible solution, which can always be reached via reasonable logical deduction. Guessing is never required.

We can supply Slitherlink puzzles in a wide range of shapes, sizes and difficulties. All of our puzzles are either entirely hand-made or have significant manual input into the process.

Sample Slitherlink puzzles (click to view press-ready PDF version):
Example Slitherlink Solution
Example Slitherlink Solution
Easy Small Slitherlink
Easy Small Slitherlink
Medium Slitherlink
Medium Slitherlink
Large Slitherlink
Large Slitherlink
Huge Slitherlink
Huge Slitherlink
Small Slitherlink
Small Slitherlink
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