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Sudoku Offset example
Sudoku Offset logic puzzles

Also known as: 4D Sudoku, 4-dimensional Sudoku, Offset Sudoku

Sudoku Offset (or 4D Sudoku) is a regular Sudoku puzzle but with the addition of nine extra regions.

The aim is simple: place the digits 1 to 9 into the puzzle grid so that each digit occurs once in every row, column, bold-lined 3 by 3 box and each of the extra nine regions. These regions are defined such that each square at the same offset within a 3 by 3 box forms a region of its own, as indicated by the colouring in this example - in other words, each square of the same colour must also contain a different number from 1 to 9.

The given digits in the puzzle define the puzzle in such a way that there is only one single solution, which can be reached via reasonable logical deduction. Guessing is never needed!

The offset regions constrain the puzzle more than a regular Sudoku, which means that somewhat less given numbers are needed. As a result the puzzles can be designed to look particularly artistic, with small and neatly-clustered arrangements of givens.

We can supply Sudoku Offset puzzles at almost any size and with some additional variations, such as Skyscraper clues around the edge, or even with additional diagonal 'X' regions.

All of our puzzles are either entirely hand-made or have significant manual input into the process.

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Also known as 4D Sudoku
Also known as 4D Sudoku
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